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Concealed Weapons Permits
Basic Requirements for Concealed Weapons Permits
21 years of age
Full time Monroe County resident
Pennsylvania resident for at least 60 days prior to application
All paperwork must be submitted to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office IN PERSON.
Crimes that would prohibit you from getting a Concealed Weapons Permit
See the back side of the application for a list of prohibited offenses and any conviction for a misdemeanor 1 or any felony.
Paperwork Necessary for Concealed Weapons Permit
  • Download complete Instruction Sheet.  Be sure to read the ENTIRE Instruction Sheet, front and back, PRIOR to completing the application.  The application MUST have both sides printed on one sheet of paper.
  • Pennsylvania Driver's License or Pennsylvania Non-Driver Photo Identification Card
  • Photocopy of Local 1% Earned Income Tax or other tax paper if retired/disabled (Please refer to full instruction sheet for information)
  • 2 References (Must be Monroe County Residents - Please refer to full instruction sheet for reference requirements)
  • If disabled - Written documentation from your doctor or social security explaining the nature of your disability.
  • Copy of your DD-214 if you were in the military.
  • Non U.S. Citizens need to provide the Immigration Identification Number.  Please bring to the office as it must be photocopied for your file.
  • Your photograph will be taken at the time of application.
Attachments in Adobe Format
Click here for Instructions for License to Carry Firearms Application
Click here for Application For PA License To Carry Firearms
Note: This form MUST be printed 2-sided.
Select your printer's manual feed option and flip the sheet over when printing the 2nd page.
need a PDF reader?  >>  {Download Adobe Reader}
Sheriff to Conduct Investigation
The sheriff to whom the application is made shall investigate the applicant's record of criminal convictions, shall investigate whether or not the applicant is under indictment for or ever has been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment exceeding one year, shall investigate whether the applicant's character and reputation are such that the applicant will not be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety and shall investigate whether the applicant would be precluded from receiving a license under subsection (e)(1) or section 6105(h) (relating to persons not to possess, use, manufacture, control, sell or transfer firearms) and shall conduct a criminal background, juvenile delinquency or mental health check following the procedures set forth in section 6111 (relating to firearm ownership).
  • $5.00 processing application fee 
  • $1.00 state validation system fund
The total fee to drop off an application is $6.00 (CASH ONLY). This is Non-Refundable fee.
An application will be mailed to the last known address 60 days prior to expiration.
The same requirements apply as above.  It is like starting all over as if you never had one before. The same fees apply.
Reciprocity -
Click on the PA Attorney General Web Site for updates and to read the reciprocity agreements.
If approved, this license does not authorize/exempt anyone to carry a firearm for employment purposes.  There are exceptions as listed under Section 6106 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code - (Firearms not to be carried without a license).  You will be in violation of the law if you carry a firearm for employment purposes unless you are properly certified under Act 235 - Lethal Weapons Training Act.  This certification and information can be obtained directly from the Pennsylvania State Police.
All applicants are reminded that furnishing false information to law enforcement is a violation of Section 4904 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code - Title 18 (Unsworn Falsification to Authorities).  Any violation shall be dealt with according to law and prosecuted by this office.
Questions regarding these requirements can be answered
by calling (570) 517-3301 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday
Firearm Brochures:

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