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Real Estate Sales
Please see below the new requirements for Real Estate Sales.
This is property that is involved in mortgage foreclosure and presented for a Sheriff's Sale.  Once all legal resources have been exhausted, property is auctioned (typically monthly) at the Sheriff's Real Estate Sale.  All sales are held in the Monroe County Courthouse, Hearing Room Two (2) at 10:00 am.
Properties are sold sight unseen and subject to all liens.
The deposit (for attorneys presenting property for sale) is $2,000.00
We will only accept law firm checks and cashier's checks
We reserve the right to request additional deposit monies
All properties for Sheriff's Sale are advertised in the Monroe County Legal Reporter and in the Pocono Record for three (3) consecutive Fridays prior to the sale.
Upcoming Real Estate Sales
Real Estate Sale Listings
for the Current Month
 Real Estate Sale Listings
for the Previous Month
Required forms for Real Estate Sales  (attachments in Adobe format)
  1. Tax Claim Lien Certificate Request -  three (3) copies
  2. Notice - Sale of Property - Internal Revenue Service  - three (3) copies
  3. Notice - Sale of Property - PA Dept. of Revenue - three (3) copies
  4. Affidavit Pursuant to Rule 3129.1 -  original is filed in the Prothonotary Office; the Sheriff needs two (2) copies.
  5. Notice of Sheriff's Sale of Real Property - three (3) copies
  6. Writ of Execution Notice - three (3) copies
  7. Legal Description - seven (7) legible copies - Must include Tax Code and PIN numbers
  8. Sheriff Service Process Receipt
  9. Copy of the Mortgage in execution; plus all assignments of mortgages; with a follow-up required from the execution creditor of any changes thereafter, which MUST be received no later than the Sale Date.
  10. Deeding instructions giving us the name and address of the party to whom the property is to be conveyed; with a follow-up required from the execution creditor of any changes thereafter, which MUST be received no later than the Sale Date.
  11. POST SALE REQUIREMENT - A Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value will be required within one week after the sale. We need a signed original and one copy (front and back). PLEASE NOTE: When Deeds are ready for recording, if the property is being deeded to an entity other than the holder of the mortgage, a check for transfer tax must be payable to "Recorder of Deeds" and submitted to the Sheriff's Office also.
(After clicking on the Sheriff Service Process Receipt, select the option to SAVE the file to your PC, type in the blanks, and return with your service paperwork.) MS Word is required to open the Sheriff Service Process Receipt.
                                                                                                     need a PDF reader?  >>  {Download Adobe Reader}
Filling out the Sheriff Service Process Receipt: Block 7 on the process receipt should indicate type of service required.  An individual process receipt is required for the following:
  1. One form is needed for posting each tax-coded parcel.  Include the tax code and the PIN number along with the address of the property to be posted.
  2. One form (1) is needed for advertising.
  3. One form (1) is needed for each type of service to each defendant or lien holder, if we are serving. Please include all address information in #9 - Special Instructions on one process receipt.  If mail service is required, please include the mail receipts/certificates and envelopes.
  4. One form is needed for any other party of interest listed on the Affidavit Pursuant to Rule 3129.1 if you would like the Sheriff's Office to serve. 
Conditions of Sale - see Attached - Terms are ten (10%) percent of the Bid price or Sheriff's Costs, whichever is higher at the time of sale. Printable copy of Conditions of Sale
Notice is hereby given that the Sheriff will file a schedule of distribution, no later than thirty (30) days after the day of the sale, and that distribution will be made in accordance with the schedule unless exceptions are filed thereto within ten (10) days thereafter.
Email: Sheriff's Office - Real Estate Unit

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